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CJSC IC “LOCKO-Invest” has made to three leaders on trust management

23 мар. 2011 г.

CJSC IC “LOCKO-Invest” a subsidiary of LOCKO-Bank entered the market at the end of 2009. In 2010 the company offered clients four basic investment strategies (Bonds, Eurobonds, Shares of 1st and 2nd Tiers and Small and Midcap Companies Shares). Based on annual results trust management trade volumes in the amount of 119 bn roubles enabled LOCKO-Invest to beat the absolute majority of Russia's investment companies and become No. 2 in RBC ranking.

The company is ranked No. 24 on total turnover with total trade volume 153, 87 bn roubles. Based on the data provided by LOCKO-Invest and published by RBC.Rating 100% of trade volume is represented by bonds and shares transactions (No. 24 in the respective table). The absolute majority - 153,78 bn – are exchange transactions (No. 21 in the ranking). OTC trading volumes are insufficient - around 0,09 bn roubles: LOCKO-Invest does not specialise in OTC trading as is in brokerage services (0,13 bn roubles in 2010 and No. 48 in the rankings). Despite the fact that dealer services is not a major business of the company, active work with own funds enabled LOCKO-Invest to be ranked No. 11 on this indicator; its dealer turnover amounted to 34,83 bn roubles.

According to Oleg Masyutin, General Director of LOCKO-Invest, apart from substantial turnover the company demonstrates sufficient yield on client portfolios. “We are not following the general trend, but constantly looking for and work with undervalued promising assets. This approach allows us to outdo market indices and lower the risks of negative revaluation of the portfolio", - added Mr Masyutin.