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Go Mobile and Banki.ru research: LOCKO-Bank entered the TOP-10 banks for the convenience of mobile applications

16 сент. 2019 г.

The LOCKO-Mobile application entered the top 10 Russian banking mobile applications according to a research by Go Mobile digital agency in conjunction with Banki.ru. The share of active users of LOCKO-Mobile in 2018 amounted to 60.6%. According to this indicator, LOCKO-Bank became one of the leaders, taking 3rd place immediately after Rocketbank and Sberbank.

The research involved 34 banks, 23 of which confirmed the data. Based on this, Banki.ru prepared a rating, and on September 11 the Go Banking Awards took place, where banks with the best mobile promotion strategies were awarded. Banks were evaluated by such parameters as: installing mobile applications, an active audience of applications (DAU / MAU), the share of active mobile users from bank customers, the number of channels involved in paid application promotion, usability, the total number of applications by specialization and others.

As noted in the research, an average of 20% of retail customers of banks prefer to use the services through a mobile application. For the largest banks, their share reaches 30%. Over the year, the number of mobile application installations for all banks increased by an average of 41.5%. The highest growth rates are shown not by new players, but by already established market leaders - banks that have focused on digital infrastructure.

Valentin Samochernov, Chief Designer of the LOCKO-Bank cluster of front-end systems: “About 70% of our clients prefer using a mobile application to Internet banking. Therefore, we at LOCKO-Bank use the Mobile First principle in developing remote solutions, realizing the growth in the use of mobile devices. Most of the client’s contacts with the bank go through the mobile application, so we are working on improving usability so that our client receives exactly what he used the application for and remains satisfied. ”