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LOCKO-Bank and Hals-Development closed a major transaction on office real estate

6 мар. 2017 г.

LOCKO-Bank has completed a transaction with the company "Hals-Development" for the acquisition of office premises with an area of 4.5 thousand square meters in the "A" class business center SkyLight located on Leningradsky Prospekt in Moscow. Within the next three months the head office of LOCKO-Bank will be transferred to the acquired premises.

Development strategy of LOCKO-Bank includes transition to a new business model focused on providing remote services to customers and the development of IT infrastructure mainly cloud technologies. The ultimate goal is to modernize the bank in the format of an IT company, to form a range of products available in digital channels. The implementation of the stated objectives requires the provision of personnel with modern infrastructure, in particular office infrastructure.

“In the business center SkyLight we plan to merge departments of the head office which are currently located in different own and rented premises. Providing the bank's head office with modern infrastructure will allow us to accelerate the implementation of the company's strategic goals. The acquisition of this office space will also increase the overall economic efficiency of the bank by not renting current areas” – said Victor Davydik, the Acting Chairman of the Executive Board.