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LOCKO-Bank entered the TOP-25 media rating of Russian banks

28 нояб. 2018 г.

The company Medialogia has composed a rating of mentioning banks of Russia in the media in October 2018. LOCKO-Bank ranked 24th in the list of fifty financial institutions, having improved its position by 14 points compared with the previous month.

“LOCKO-Bank became one of the first Russian banks that managed to turn from a universal bank into a real IT platform. This year, more than 90,000 businessmen applied to LOCKO-Bank to open a current account, 95% of them did it remotely”, notes Medialogia.

The basis for the rating was MediaIndex - an aggregate indicator of bank visibility in the media. It reflects not only the quantitative, but also the qualitative presence of the company in the information field and depends on the influence of the media, the visibility of the message, the brightness of the mentioning of the object, citation, conflict, the nature of the mention in the media and other parameters.

The rating is based on the media database of the Medialogia system, which includes more than 44,300 sources: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, online media and blogs.

All banks operating in the Russian Federation took part in the rating.