КРЕДИТ НА ЛЮБЫЕ ЦЕЛИ ДО 15 000 000 ₽ от 5,5%
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LOCKO-Bank has become one of the best Russia’s banks made on auto lending

7 апр. 2011 г.

In 2010 the Bank was actively developing retail product range with much emphasis on auto lending as the most promising retail lending area. In 2010 the Bank extended 2 491 auto loans for 1,4 bn roubles. This made the Bank No. 22 in RBC ranking on the volume and No. 23 on the number of loans. As of January 01, 2011 LOCKO-Bank is No. 4 on the growth rate of auto lending among 40 largest banks on the auto loans portfolio.

Today LOCKO-Bank product range is one of the most well-diversified at the market, it includes loans for the purchase of Russia's made and foreign made cars, new and used with the option to obtain a loan:

  • by presenting two identification documents (without income confirmation);
  • without down payment;
  • on state subsidy programme;
  • without buying comprehensive insurance.

The client may purchase the car on a loan from LOCKO-Bank from any official car dealer at client's choice, or unofficial dealer - Bank's partner, or from a private person through the car dealer - Bank's partner. Auto loan application may be filled out at car dealer, at Bank's offices and at Bank's website. Credit applications are approved within one day.