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LOCKO-Bank is in Top-20 Most Reliable Commercial Banks

26 февр. 2015 г.

LOCKO-Bank became one of the most reliable commercial banks of the Russian Federation. The rating was published by «Profile» - Russian analytical weekly magazine, based on data of the National Rating Agency.

Key indicators were analyzed to assess the reliability of credit institutions, such as assets, equity, total liabilities, as well as capital protection. LOCKO-Bank took 17th place and scored 32.64 out of 50 possible reliability points in the final rating, beating a number of major market players.

Andrey Lyushin, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, commented:

“Traditionally, reliability of the Bank is one of the main criteria in client’s assessment and selection of the financial partner. This indicator is particularly important in the current difficult economic situation. The high degree of LOCKO-Bank’s reliability is provided with the loan portfolio quality and competent policy of risk assessment."