КРЕДИТ НА ЛЮБЫЕ ЦЕЛИ ДО 15 000 000 ₽ от 5,5%
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LOCKO-Bank set the Interest Rate for the 3rd and 4th coupons of its Bonds

7 июля 2011 г.

LOCKO-Bank Management Board set 8,10% interest rate for the third and fourth coupons of Bank's bonds 05 series.

Total interest payment due shall amount to 100 975 thousand roubles for each of the coupons. Interest payment per each bond shall amount 40,39 roubles. The payment shall be made in Russian Roubles through bank transfer: 26.01.2012 - for the third coupon period and 26.07.2012 for the fourth coupon period.

5 year bonds 05 series for 2,5 bn roubles were placed on June 29, 2010 at 9,25% per annum for the first and second coupon periods. In November 2010 bonds 05 series were included in CBR Lombard List and in May 2011 were transferred to CJSC MICEX quotation list "B”.

The decrease of interest rate for the third and the fourth interest periods of bonds 05 series is attributed to general improvement of investment climate in Russia and improved demand for LOCKO-Bank bonds from the investors.