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LOCKO-Bank to Hold Press Conference on Real Estate Market Main Trends

8 сент. 2014 г.

“Residential real estate market and mortgage lending: Trends and Forecasts” press conference will be in the RBC press center on September 17, 2014. LOCKO-Bank will organize the event. The real estate market experts will analyze the results of the first half of 2014, determine the prevailing trends and make forecasts for future market changes during the event.

Leading developers of Moscow and the Moscow region confirmed their participation as well as real estate agencies and other partner companies:

  • Irina Dziuba, LOCKO-Bank, Director of Mortgage business; MR Group, Member of the Board of Directors. Topic: "The real estate market: how to grow mortgage rates?"
  • Constantine Shibetsky, GC MIC, Director of Mortgage department. Topic: "The real estate market and mortgage lending: dynamics and development in the current market conditions."
  • Anna Sokolova, Metrium Group, Director of Research and Consulting. Topic: "New trends in the market economy-class housing in Moscow."
  • Roman Stroilov, TEKTA GROUP, Head of Mortgages and Special programs. Topic: "Mortgage as a tool for investment."
  • Philip Tretyakov, Galaxy Realty, CEO. Topic: "New trends of development in the Moscow region."
  • Svetlana Melnikova, Nadezhniy Dom, Director of Mortgage assets expertise. Topic: "Mortgage AHML for certain categories of citizens - social mortgage."