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LOCO-Bank position in internet banking ratings.

19 апр. 2011 г.

According to the data published by Expert RA on the results of survey on functionality of internet banking systems, Bank’s remote banking system for retail clients “LOCKO-Bank Online” has made it to TOP 40 of the rating and was No. 11 in the category "Internal Functionality and Service Functions".

Andrey Lyushin, Deputy Chairman of the Bank's Management Board commented on the results: "We are satisfied with rating results. The development of remote banking is one of our priorities and a promising business area for the Bank. Demand for interactive banking services is going up. Therefore the loyalty of existing clients and the acquisition of new clients are very much dependent on the quality and functionality of remote banking."

The level of penetration of modern technologies enables many Banks to position Remote Banking as competitive advantage and consider such systems not just as service channel but as a separate channel for products promotion. LOCKO Online was launched fairly recently - in 2010, however it is already used by Bank’s clients. At the moment the Bank is working on a number of projects in Remote Banking Services and after they are complete it will be able to offer retail and corporate clients comprehensive real time remote banking.

"We made it No. 11 in the rating "Internal Functionality and Service Functions” thanks to the system for retail clients we have developed on our own, that is why this result means a lot to us. Key factor of our success that we are able to quickly take into account our clients' wishes and introduce changes to Bank's product range. Comparative analysis of Remote Banking Systems performed by Expert RA demonstrated that the systems used by the bank sufficiently differ functionally and we have good perspectives to be competitive in this segment." - said A.M. Lyushin